Case Study : Cl/CD Design & Deployment

HashRoot Designed / Delivered Fully Automated CI/CD Pipeline for a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with custom cloud catalog & Optimized the cloud cost by implementing AWS Auto-scaling configuration.

Client Requirement

Client needs to migrate their products to AWS. They needed a design and implementation of CI/CD model for a software as service product. The service was hosted at a non cloud DC environment. Auto-scaling & DNS functionality was a challenge for them. Our team of DevOps experts kickstarted a client meeting for gathering inputs. From the inputs derived a proper architecture was planned & designed. The application has gone through necessary changes to fit the planned architecture. The DevOps transformation was done therefore on the product.

Key Tools & Platforms used


Key Results

  • Now the client can launch an SAAS powered application from a custom designed dashboard with necessary parameters for new customers, with Dashboard features
    • Custom URL Configuration
    • Custom Nginx Configuration
    • Autoscaling group
    • Automatic updates with modern production code
  • This accelerated their productivity thus reducing manual tasks and giving a boost of 80% to their business
  • Code Deployment pipeline is automated with single trigger mass deployment
  • Flexible future proof integrations


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