Penetration Testing

Reduce the security thefts across business by pinpointing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in security systems that lead to a multistep attack that targets custom network infrastructure and applications.

HashRoot transforms as attackers to simulate the course of action, techniques, and approach of an attack in real-world to make you recognize the security level of your cyber assets, to determine which critical data is actually at risk and to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Network Penetration Testing Services – External or Internal

Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Red Team Attack Simulation

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

IoT and Internet-Aware Device Testing Services

Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services

Wireless Network Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Methods

Black Box testing (external testing)
White Box testing (internal testing)
Grey Box testing

Pre-attack phase / Planning

Interpretation of the intruder model

We define source data, goals and testing targets

Ascertain the scope of a target environment

Testing methodology development

Devise interaction and communication approach

Penetration testing

Attack phase / Testing

  • Real-time analysis
  • Scanning and detection of vulnerabilities detection and scanning
  • False positives elimination
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities by gaining an unauthorized access
  • Periodical reporting

Post-attack phase / Reporting

On completing the penetration testing we present our customers with a detailed report explaining the state of security level, critical datas that are at risk and recommendations to eliminate the risk

Brief description on the findings from the penetration testing
List of data that are detected to system vulnerabilities
Report on how data breach affects the business and changes in the system
Actionable recommendations to eliminate the detected security issues

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