Allocation of HashRoot Contractors for Remote Projects

HashRoot’s remote staffing vertical, RapidBrains specializes in providing remote contract staffing solutions for businesses. We have a pool of qualified and experienced contractors who can work remotely for your projects

Our Process

Talent pool management

Identify ready-to-deploy qualified contractors for the role from our talent pool.

Onboarding and training

Manage the onboarding process for contractors, including paperwork and training.

Ongoing contractor support

Provide ongoing support and supervision for contractors during the project.

Payroll and benefits administration

Handle payroll and benefits for contractors

Deploy contract employees to the project

Assign the contract employees to the project and provide them with any necessary instructions or guidance.

Supervise contract employees

During the project, manage and supervise the contract employees to ensure that they are meeting the project requirements and deadlines.

Payment processing

Release payments from HashRoot to the assigned contractors during contract period


Remote Staffing Solutions

We make it simple to add new remote talent to your team. In order to find, evaluate, and hire remote talent you need to meet and surpass your business objectives, HashRoot has been building a candidate database and working with organisations. By bringing in qualified candidates from all over the world, our remote staffing services can guarantee the expansion and productivity of your company.

Benefits of Remote Hiring

For all your staffing needs in India and around the world, HashRoot offers the best remote and virtual workers. A business organisation can hire the best talent from a pool of global candidates using our remote staffing services. Business organisations will perform better, be more productive, and be more efficient if they use remote staffing to hire the best talent.

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