Screening and L1 Interview Process Handling

The Level 1 (L1) interview process is an initial stage in the hiring process that is designed to screen candidates and identify the most qualified and suitable applicants for a role. Outsourcing the screening and L1 interview process can be an effective way for a company to identify qualified candidates for open roles, while also saving time and resources.

Our Process

Primary Client Consultation

We absorb out the floated job requisitions by client Talent team and jointly absorb the demands to scope out the key parameters and metrics involved – core/ supplementary competencies, client expectations, project timelines and degree of urgency, grading and subsequent rates to be negotiated with the talents.

Strategic Search Strategising & Research

Upon analyzing the experience and qualification criteria, our team develops a search strategy for each assignment. Our database, hands-on experience on sourcing platforms and long-term partner associations complemented by client inputs turn pivotal in providing the right talent to fulfil requirements at your company across different locations.

Preliminary Interview

Technical Screening: Once located and past the initial screening, we have the provision to conduct L1 Interviews for those that may be considered the right fit, pertinent to each assignment. Interview questions are curated by Subject Matter Experts and extended panelists we have onboarded, and are tailored to meet the requirement by addressing behavior, professional knowledge, exposure and skill levels, previous work experience and related authenticity degrees, and personal style of communication and patterns to an extent.

Choosing the expert panels

Our expert panels across multiple domains and areas concerning Cloud & DevOps – AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, MEAN, MERN, MEVN, and LAMP Stacks, Java, PHP, Python, C++, Flutter, and Blockchain – have been set up exclusively to see to it that the preliminary filtering is efficiently managed. Our key experts come in all slabs of expertise to conduct interviews across all experience ranges.

Written Reports and Candidate Assessments

Following Technical Screening/L1 rounds, detailed candidate reports in unique formats pertinent to each requirement, can be delivered to our client through our RPO channels and POC on deputation, along with the updated talent resumes. This enables you to have a 360° perspective on key specifics and real- time proficiency of every candidate that has been interviewed and assessed by our team.

Calibrated Offers

Your organisation and HashRoot can jointly structure the apt compensation packages for each requirement that is consistent with the candidate’s ability to meet your expectations. Our role as an effective intermediary should allow us to calibrate reasonable offer releases to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


Screening and Determining the Candidates

Before the main interview, many organisations screen applicants to determine each one's suitability for the job. It could happen face-to-face, on the phone, or through video conferencing. It can assist interviewers in figuring out whether a candidate possesses the fundamental abilities and accreditations required by the organisation for the open position.


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