Incident Management

HashRoot, one of the top-notch ITIL incident management service provider aims in restoring the interrupted services to the customers as quickly as possible through a smooth restoration process.

Our ITIL incident management team holds proven expertise in handling incidents of different verticals. We formulate a demonstrated, streamlined service restoration approach that supports your business strategy.

Incident Management Process

ITIL Incident Management Workflow

Incident detection and recording

Incident Categorization against known issues

Prioritise incidents in terms of critical, high, medium and low

Incident Routing to an expertise technician

Incident Resolution as quick as possible

Incident Escalation if required

Incident closure ensuring the recovery

How business gets benefited?

  • Minimal downtime, maximised productivity
  • Identifying potential service improvements
  • Aligning IT services to business priorities
  • Continual service improves end-user satisfaction
  • Documentation for futuristic resolution and recovery
  • 24*7 monitoring to detect incidents before they occur
  • Cuts down the negative impact on business operations
  • Effectively meeting the IT service availability requirements

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