Hiring And Sourcing for Permanent Employees

A successful hire can bring new skills and expertise to the company, while a poor hire can be costly and disrupt team dynamics. To ensure the best possible outcome, it is important to have a welldefined hiring and sourcing process in place.

Hiring and Sourcing

The process of sourcing involves locating suitable individuals for a position. Naturally, the position need not be open or even exist while the sourcing is being done, which is why sourcers frequently look for passive candidates.

Hiring refers to the entire hiring procedure. It encompasses gathering a talent pool of qualified applicants, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and ultimately bringing on new employees.

Finding and speaking with prospective candidates about a vacant or upcoming position is sourcing. Hiring is when candidates are evaluated for a position, and the best candidates are then hired.

Our Process

Define the role

Clearly define the responsibilities and requirements of the role, and create a job description that accurately reflects the position.

Identify sourcing channels

Determine the best channels for reaching potential candidates, such as job boards, social media, professional networks, and recruiting agencies.

Post job opening

Share the job opening and job description through the selected sourcing channels.

Review resumes and cover letters

Carefully review each resume and cover letter to identify the most qualified candidates.

Conduct initial interviews

Hold initial interviews, either in person or over the phone, to get to know the candidates and assess their fit for the role.

Administer assessments

Administer any necessary assessments, such as skills tests or personality tests, to further evaluate the candidates.

Present shortlist to the client

After the initial interviews, present a shortlist of the most qualified candidates to you for final interviews.

Assist with salary negotiations and employment contracts

If the company decides to make an offer to a candidate, assist with salary negotiations and finalizing the employment contract.

Onboard new hire

Once the employment contract has been finalized, help the new hire get acclimated to the company and their role.


Hiring and Sourcing Together

Combining the two can be beneficial for locating and selecting the top candidates because these offer distinctive solutions for a business. Recruiters can screen and get in touch with qualified candidates from a database that your sourcing vendor, for instance, can provide. This can assist you in organising and hiring candidates more effectively.

Benefits of Sourcing

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