Contract Hiring for On-Site Projects

Contract staffing is a valuable solution for businesses that need to fill short-term staffing gaps or have project-based staffing needs. When contract hiring for on-site projects, it is important to carefully define the scope of the project and the necessary skills and experience required for the role.

Our Process

Understand the contracts

Work with the client to understand the contract needs and the scope of the project.

Identify qualified contractors

Use our talent pool and sourcing method to find qualified contractors who have the necessary skills and experience for the project.

Review resumes and conduct interviews

Review resumes and conduct interviews with potential contractors to determine the best fit for the project.

Determine terms of the contract

Work with the client to determine the terms of the contract, including the duration of the project, the rate of pay, and any other relevant details.

Onboard contractors

Handle the onboarding process for the contractors, including paperwork and training.

Supervise contractors

During the project, manage and supervise the contractors to ensure that they are meeting the project requirements and deadlines.

Handle payroll and benefits

Handle payroll and benefits for the contractors during the duration of the project.

Key Benefits

Contract-to-Hire Staffing Solutions

For businesses of all sizes, contract-to-hire staffing is the ideal, risk-free solution. From sourcing to completion, we pay close attention to your requirements to guarantee that you get the best candidates! HashRoot can support you if you are looking for Contract-to-Hire Staffing. To find out more about what makes our company special and how we can help with your hiring needs, get in touch with us right away.

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