Odoo HIS Integration

Odoo is one of the top-notch open source ERP which comprises several modules to manage the diverse sectors of a healthcare organization. It offers top-notch usability when it is integrated with third-party applications such as HIS. When Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with HIS, the healthcare processes are fully automated and the healthcare organizations can definitely reap the benefits.

We utilize best practices, frameworks, and tools to enhance the results, lower the risk, and to minimize the costs associated with HIS. Leveraging the functionalities of leading platforms our technical experts drive complex applications enabling HIS transformation in the diverse sectors of our client’s healthcare organization.

ERP Modules

Every healthcare industry operating around the globe looks forward to attaining two major objectives. Firstly, to impart high-quality patient care and secondly to accomplish a profitable business by reaping maximum ROI. ERP implementation helps in achieving both the objectives as it is packed with in-house roles and functions for the healthcare industry. For a perfect ERP implementation, Odoo can be integrated with third-party HIS which delivers a full suite for healthcare management starting from sales and CRM to finance and payroll.

Odoo integration offers a complete software system with a wide range of modules to manage your entire healthcare operations and processes from one platform.


Odoo Services

HashRoot possess immense expertise in offering client-centric Odoo ERP Solutions which helps to put your business at the forefront of the technological revolution.


Odoo CRM

The Customer Relationship Management module facilitates seamless communication and interactions. Odoo CRM systems strengthen the most important business relationships. It allows you to view leads/opportunities of your healthcare organization operating in different locations on a single platform, manage them from one phase to another, and analyze your results. Odoo simplifies the operations of your sales team by organizing the sales process, nurturing leads and building customer relationships that last.

Take a look at the key features of Odoo CRM.


Odoo Finance

Be it a small or large healthcare organization, Odoo finance, and accounting module acts as a highly productive solution. It caters to the various accounting needs of a healthcare organization and provides insight into the overall financial aspects with the customizable dashboards and KPIs. HashRoot’s finance and accounting team have crafted a plethora of top-notch modules in Odoo finance and accounting that can be easily configured according to the unique needs of a healthcare organization. Leveraging the latest technology solution we perform a digital transformation to the financial management with an aim to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Take a look at the key features of Odoo Accounting module


Odoo Point of Sale

HashRoot, offers a fully integrated POS solution that enables healthcare organizations to experience a qualitative digital transformation with modern hardware. We offer unique and simplified POS solutions that provide real-time statistics for healthcare operations. One of the major advantages Odoo POS offers to its customers is flexibility and reliability. Our solutions in Odoo POS are highly configurable and effectively meet the precise needs of a healthcare organization. We aim in facilitating a smooth operation by eliminating the obstacles in our client’s healthcare organization.


Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic process of maintaining the tangible and intangible assets of a healthcare organization and also ensures to put the assets to their highest and best use. Our solutions in Odoo Asset Management are responsible for deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in a cost-effective manner.


Odoo Human Resources

Managing human capital is the most tedious task in any organization. HashRoot offers a comprehensive, fully customized HR management application in Odoo platform. Our application enables your organization to precisely manage all the HR operations under an integrated database. Irrespective of the size of human resources in your healthcare organization, Odoo HRM from HashRoot acts as a one-stop-solution for all your human resource needs.


Odoo MIS

MIS builder is an Odoo module that allows you to build Management Information Systems dashboards. MIS facilitates swift accounting data reporting and it also allows the use of data from other Odoo models. We are experts in building Management Information Systems dashboards with user-friendly configuration, reusability, fast balance reporting, user-configurable styles, budgeting module, interactive display, KPI evaluation, easy-to-use API.


Business Intelligence

HashRoot enables businesses to make faster and more accurate decisions at minimized risk by proposing solutions in Business Intelligence, analytics and performance management. We provide comprehensive business functionality to collect, store, access and evaluate sales and marketing activity, product and personnel data, customer databases, supply chain information etc.

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Technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules
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