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Splunk, the leading platform for operational intelligence leverages the power to tackle the toughest challenges in IT, Security and IoT. Yet, if your business is not getting the most out of Splunk, it’s high-time to power up your managed services with real-time operational intelligence.

As a Splunk managed service provider, HashRoot helps your business to gain valuable insights and productive, profitable business value from your machine data. Our technical experts stay abreast with the latest Splunk techniques and adopt best practices to render you a high-performing, secured Splunk environment. Whatever, use cases your business adopt, our services are strategized to focus on solutions that safeguards your enterprise against evolving business threats. We ensure to make you benefit the most of your Splunk investment by deploying best practices that impart unparalleled operational insights.

HashRoot’s Splunk Managed Services

Data Onboarding

Leveraging agile methodology and demonstrated approach we effectively onboard new data into your Splunk environment.


Our splunk architects hold immense experience in planning and architecturing a wide range of enterprise sites utilizing Splunk best practices.

Implementation and Upgrade

Irrespective of the architectural complexity, server size and clusters we help you to implement or upgrade your Splunk platform efficiently.

Splunk Environmental Management

We offer a one-stop-solution for all your splunk environment management needs right from monitoring, performance optimization, log management, system updates, SOC monitoring and alerting, creation of reports, dashboards and so forth.

Managed Security

We give utmost importance to security. Hence we constantly monitors potential threats, escalates security incidents, tune security rules, splunk upgrades to enrich a secured environment.

Why HashRoot For Splunk Management?

  • We understand that each customer has unique business needs hence we devise tailored solutions for each of them understanding their business requirements.
  • Proven track record of implementing Splunk solutions to a wide range of enterprises irrespective of size and sector.
  • Dedicated expert architect to handle your Splunk enterprise architecture and implementation.
  • You can avail all your Splunk needs ranging from development, implementation and administration under one roof.
  • Financially savvy managed services with utmost importance to render quality services.