Companies all over the world are confronted with severe staffing challenges as everyone is being driven to do more with the ‘limited’. Organizations, particularly across India, are expected to hire exponentially, especially in areas concerning Software Developers, Cloud, DevOps and Cyber Security Engineers, Blockchain, AI and ML Developers and Architects. The talent pool for relevant skill sets pertinent to each organization has diminished, and recruitment costs have skyrocketed to levels never seen before. Identifying the right talent for the right opening can be tricky, with permanent positions taking up as long as 90- 120 days to fill.

HashRoot’s Talent Management Service division has managed to dig wider and deeper into a highly reliable talent pipeline than conventional HR departments has been able to. Our IT Staffing expertise through leveraging core competencies and by building strategic associations with talent/resource management firms, authorized skill-development and training facilities across the world, have paid rich dividends in building client confidence and optimizing hiring processes.


Problem Statement & Challenges

We specialise in assisting businesses with their permanent staffing needs by quickly matching the required skill sets and extending their search operations through various internal and external resources. To keep communication clear and ambiguity to a minimum, we collaborate closely with the HR division.

The average window to fulfil permanent staffing demands has been identified to be 12+ weeks involving various factors – internal and external – ranging from categorising priority skill sets, aligning complementary skill sets, framing and maintaining project timelines; all the while driving business objectives consistently at a rapid pace

We attach the problem heads on, and possess the bandwidth to be able to focus on matching the requisite skill-sets since we are an IT organization ourselves. Our predominant goal would be to work in tandem with your HR department, function as an effective extension leaving very little room for ambiguity or misinformation/miscommunication of any kind.

And then, we help your team expand its search operations; whether it be continuous sourcing from existing talent pipelines, rigorous sourcing and initial screening from external platforms such as Wellfound, HackerEarth, CodeSignal, HackerRank, Glassdoor, Stackoverflow, and LinkedIn Professional Services, or by casting a wider geographical net by tapping our associate/partner entities globally.

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