Self-Learning Internship Program

HashRoot can design a self-learning internship program that focuses on providing interns with the opportunity to learn and develop skills on their own, rather than receiving instruction from the trainer or employer.

Our Process

Identify the learning objectives

The first step in implementing a self-learning internship program is to identify the specific learning objectives that you want interns to achieve. This may include developing certain skills or competencies, gaining knowledge about a particular subject area, or learning about a particular industry

Develop a syllabus

Develop a syllabus that outlines the learning objectives for the internship program and provides a roadmap for interns to follow as they work to achieve those objectives. The syllabus should include a list of resources and materials that interns can use to learn on their own, such as articles, videos, or online courses

Recruit interns

Recruit interns who are interested in participating in the self-learning internship program and who have the skills and motivation to succeed.

Provide support and resources

Provide interns with the support and resources they need to succeed in the program, including access to relevant materials, guidance from mentors or advisors, and opportunities to ask questions and get feedback.

Assess progress

Regularly assess the progress of interns to ensure that they are meeting the learning objectives of the program and provide feedback and guidance as needed.

Evaluate the program

At the end of the internship, evaluate the effectiveness of the self-learning internship program and make any necessary improvements for future iterations.


Self-Directed and Self-Paced Learning for Interns

Our programme is set up so that interns can control their own learning and development. It is also self-paced and self-directed. This strategy enables a more personalised and adaptable learning experience, tailored to the requirements and objectives of each intern. HashRoot values interns and makes investments in their career advancement. Our programme offers a special chance to develop useful skills, knowledge, and professional connections.


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