Talents Community

A talent community is a group of individuals who have an expressed interest in an organization and its opportunities, and who may be potential candidates for future job openings. HashRoot will create a community of talents who are interested working with your company and can be a potential candidates through networking, referrals, events, workshops and partnering with institutions, universities, skill centres etc.

Building a Talent Community

Identify target market

At HashRoot, creating a talent community begins with determining the target market. This includes professionals in the industry, as well as current and potential employees.

Develop engagement platform

Developing an engagement platform is essential, whether it's a special website or social media group. Members should be able to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on this platform, which should be simple to use.

Encourage meetings and networking

Encourage participants to attend meetings, webinars, and networking opportunities. These gatherings, which can be physical or virtual, can offer community members beneficial chances for networking and education.

Provide helpful resources

Offer the community information and resources that are essential and helpful. This can include openings for jobs, business news, and educational materials.

Promote community building

Encourage community building among participants by encouraging them to share their personal experiences and expertise. Sharing success stories, holding Q&A sessions, and setting up a mentorship programme are a few examples of how to do this.

Monitor and evaluate engagement

Measure and evaluate community engagement frequently to make sure it is meeting members' needs and implementing necessary changes.

Use feedback to improve employee experience

Utilize user feedback to enhance HashRoot's overall employee experience and retention.

Recruit top talent

Utilize the community to find and recruit top talent for HashRoot's current and future job openings.

Maintain open communication

Keep the lines of communication with the community members open and transparent, and inform them of the growth and culture of the business.


Talent Community/Talent Pool

In order to build talent communities, you must actively seek out candidates and compile a database that will be useful for your future hiring requirements. A talent community, also referred to as a talent pool, is a target group of candidates divided into various categories according to their skills, educational backgrounds, location, etc. In order to have a pipeline of passive potential candidates who can satisfy both present and future business needs, building talent communities is a continuous process.


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