White Paper : Cloud Migration & Deployment

As your cloud migration partner, we help you answer relevant inquiries and ensure seam-less migration of your business to a cloud-based environment by maximizing the value and miti-gating the risks. Before plunging into action, our cloud consultants will work with you to have a clear under-standing of your requirements.

The way the businesses manage their IT infrastructure has seen a major transformation with the evolution of the cloud. These days, most of the businesses have migrated to cloud, and few are yet to. Even though the majority of the businesses would like to take advantage of the cloud, but considering the difficulty of migrating the critical IT services and infrastructure to the cloud, they set back.

HashRoot, being a top-notch cloud migration service provider can effectively tackle all the complexities associated with cloud migration with a structured, risk-mitigated approach. With deep expertise in cloud migration, we assist in moving infrastructure, business processes, data-bases and applications of an organization to cloud. Our team of cloud migration experts identify the areas of risk through end-to-end testing across various parameters and devise a solution to construct a future-proof infrastructure.

What should be migrated?

We identify and prioritize the order in which the business processes, critical applications, databases, and infrastructure are to be migrated.

How To Carry Out Migration?

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and strategies, we formulate a streamlined migration process that ensures zero business impact.

Where It Should Be Migrated?

We accelerate your cloud adoption journey by determining whether private, public or hybrid cloud platform is appropriate for your business.

HashRoot Migration Services

We offer a range of cloud migration services that are fast, cost-effective ensuring business continuity.

Infrastructure Migration

We offer complete infrastructure migration services to the cloud by partnering with leading cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, and Google.

Application Migration

Move to the cloud with HashRoot application migration services that include testing, maintenance, quality assurance processes.

Platform Migration

With vast experience in platform migration services, we develop and migrate applications across a wide range of leading platforms.

Data Migration

We use proven standardized processes and reusable platforms for securely migrating the databases.

How HashRoot Performs Cloud Migration?

Our cloud migration framework encompasses the following stages

Asses and Plan

  • Analysis of existing infrastructure
  • Accessing the complexities and risks involved
  • Determining a cloud service provider who is appropriate for your business
  • Determining tools and technology to improve existing environment
  • Design an architecture which includes fault tolerance and disaster recovery options
Setting Up Beta Environment

  • The beta environment of existing environment is set up
  • Fine tuning of applications using test database
  • Scalability testing
Migration Planning

  • Determine what, how and where it should be migrated
  • Planning the migration of business process, application and database in different phases
  • Estimation of time required for data migration
  • Notification of downtime if needed

  • Building of new automated process to streamline workloads
  • Non automated production environment set-up
  • Setting up data storage, fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Constant updation of configurations and DNS records
Prompt Monitoring And Support

  • Continuous monitoring to detect any anomalies in performance, response time, load etc
  • 24x7 support to ensure flawless performance

Cloud Deployment Portfolio

Custom Scalable Web Deployment

Automated Microsoft AD Deployment In AWS

Central management environment - CI/CD Design & Deployment

Custom Design and Automations

  • Integration of Jenkins with SAAS Application
  • Custom Integration of Ansible provisioning and Automation
  • Custom Integration of Terraform IAC Module
  • Custom AMI creation of SAAS Application

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