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As the cyber world moves in a fast-pace, cybercrimes equally rises and leaves businesses more vulnerable and endangered everywhere. Businesses demand MSP’s to offer solutions that fights against cybercrimes and to protect data. To help MSP’s deal with security solutions, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services offered by Systems Engineering took a form. They effectively reduces the risk and ensure security compliance with a managed security service that help MSPs to deliver real-time log management, intrusion prevention, vulnerability scanning, security event correlation and compliance based reporting solutions to their clients.

HashRoot utilizes State of Art security solutions that offers best-in-class features to minimize the threat to client’s data by evaluating the risks swiftly and by providing appropriate response.

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How Managed SIEM Services Benefits Your Business?

  • Backed by a team of security professionals, you can avail 24*7 log management and intense security monitoring for network perimeter devices and internal systems
  • Rapid incident detection mechanisms that stops the attack before it starts
  • Automated alerts records the changes made to critical network devices along with the details of what was modified and who made the modifications
  • Holds the Forensics of security incidents by maintaining a historical log collection, analysis and retention
  • Efficient incident handler system that identifies the attack’s route in an enterprise