Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is all about end-user experience

Hash-NOC/Application Monitor checks the application performance through end-to-end monitoring, analyzing, updating and troubleshooting. This service is delivered through our 24*7 Network Operations Center. Under our monitoring strategy, it allows our clients to benefit from a better end-user experience, costs less to operate and maintain. We continuously monitor the real time alerts in order to meet the SLA requirements. Our experienced engineers uses various analytical schemes to check the isolated problems and hence increases the end user experience. Under Hash-NOC/Network Monitoring Services, we provide 24/7-managed service for your application servers, network and server infrastructure and identify network issues before becoming it to a problem. Our senior network engineers take all possible actions for all alerts, provided with real time updates and thereby reduces the downtime.

Solve Application Problems Before
They Happen

Hash-NOC monitors the performance through analyzing, updating, reporting, and troubleshooting with application delivery control, resolve application issues and keep uptime.

Process stack

Most of the applications could face lot of issues and doesn’t matter the server OS. These issues are continuously monitored using various methods to ensure the smooth running of server.

Event Log Monitoring

HashRoot can parse application event logs looking for error codes or other useful information and even alarm if a log file stops incrementing. This can be extremely useful both in detecting problems and during investigations.

Synthetic Transactions

HashRoot can script out and execute all synthetic transactions on a regular basis, offering real-world feedback and add layer of securities and uses ICMP Ping and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for monitoring servers. We use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for windows monitoring.

Email Transaction Processing

For companies, emails are the lifeblood of business. If downtime is a challenge you're facing, HashRoot can utilize an account on your mail system to generate and monitor bi-directional email transactions. We'll send an email at regular intervals, verify it was sent, and verify it was received, and then reverse the process.

SQL Database Queries

HashRoot works with customers to determine what database and query metrics you need like to have monitored and then our team implements them. We have SQL expert’s team having with experience in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres and many other databases.

Multi-Step Scripts

Applications are tested on the basis of executing a call-level script. The only way to truly run an application through its paces is to execute a number of steps sequentially. HashRoot staffs are experts in this and we do the work so you don't have to!