Private Cloud Design

Our Strategic Process


In order to design a private cloud that is successful and transformative, we work with you to understand your business and take a record of servers, storage, network and the virtualized machines you possess. We translate your business requirements into technical requirements by sketching different private cloud options and by developing different machine images considering your key business requirements. We then evaluate the cloud orchestration platforms and then build the design by integrating the services with existing systems.

Implementation and Management

We possess superlative technical expertise in virtualizing thousands of servers, network, and storage considering your current business needs and future needs.

We configure and implement orchestration platforms and cloud automation with DevOps integration. To facilitate management of your cloud resources quickly and easily, the implemented orchestration platforms possess features such as Showback / Chargeback, Service catalog, Quota management, Self-provisioning, re-harvesting of VM etc

We adopt a unique strategy to monitor your private cloud infrastructure round the clock. We ensure a secure environment that adheres to your organizational security and access policies. We also effectively prevent configuration drift making use of top-notch configuration management tools.