Server Monitoring


HASH-NOC gives you the ability to monitor your servers in real-time.

HASH-NOC will enhance the performance and prevent from occurring a server issue, giving you relaxation by the fact knowing that your server is being monitored 24/7. The backbone of any business is servers and hence it requires special expertise and knowledge for management. It requires routine maintenance and monitoring, because if something goes wrong with the servers, then the entire network would be on stake.

Our NOC/Server Monitoring include 24*7 server monitoring, server health and other regular routine check up, which are followed with a systems report and suggested courses of action. There are lots of issues if you manage and control server rooms and data centers. It requires experts IT staff to manage all type of equipment that deal with data centers, servers and other devices.

HASH-NOC gives you the ability to monitor your servers in real-time.

Round-the-clock Monitoring and servicing of servers

You can utilize Hash-NOC for these services. We manage the servers and provide relevant services to ensure its up and running. We continuously monitor your servers and your critical infrastructure and safeguard it with necessary solutions, before anything affects your customers. Hash-NOC engineers work with your team and will be an extension of it, so as to proactively monitor dashboard and handle tickets. No firm has to invest on monitoring software since we have made the investment and you can pay just a small fee for our service. Our services are custom based and the engineers will verify all alert manually as they come in, and proactively deal with before they become a major issue. We protect critical areas of your servers that can affect productivity and business continuity. We also ensure the server performance; disk space, memory usage and backups are monitored and tested regularly.

Round-the-clock Monitoring and servicing of servers


Multi-Metric Monitoring

Hash-NOC monitoring services are based on standard set of matrices, which include monitoring of memory, CPU status and storage utilization. Along with server monitoring, we does monitoring application as a custom server metrics.

Flexible Methodology

In order to monitor servers, we use standard protocols such as ICMP Ping and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and we use Management Instrumentation (WMI) for monitoring windows servers.

Web Server Monitoring

IPTS poll for data not readily available through a standard protocol. But still in other cases, we may pull statistics off of a website or via XML monitoring.

Support for SNMP Traps & Syslog

Hash-NOC uses web-based polls to check server functioning that include synthetic transactions, SNMP, apache, IIS, web page polling and http checks.

SNMP Trap & Syslog Support

Hash-NOC manages servers by using SNMP and syslog processing, which are triggered through monitored servers. Our flexible, rules- based processing engine allows us to specify the severity of events at the moment they're received, and generate emails or phone calls to your staff from our 24/7 NOC.