Storage Management


As the amount of data generated by the business are growing exponentially with the emergence of advanced technologies and data-driven approach, the need for implementation of new storage management strategy arises. This increasing demand for data storage leads to spatial restrictions and increased cost of data storage in data centers. To deal with such instances, HashRoot lends a support to plan and implement the best storage management strategy considering the characteristics of data generated, transfer, storage, archiving and retrieval mechanisms. Our unrivaled technical expertise in storage management proposes you with appropriate solutions by identifying your critical data, data monitoring, implementing secured storage mechanisms, backup and disaster recovery options etc

What Do We Cover In Our Storage Management Services?

Storage Initialization

Involves configuration of new storage to be utilized within the environment.

Storage Hardware Management

Proper maintenance of storage devices to ensure optimal performance.

Storage Monitoring

Seamless monitoring to track report storage availability, utilization, and performance.

Storage Configuration

Involves configuration and deployment of infrastructure solutions.

Patch Management

Hardware, software and firmware upgradations as recommended by the storage OEM.