Instant alert on website down and get reports on website’s performance.

Your website is considered as one of the core part of business and if the website performance become compromised, it indirectly effect the business. Hence you require a NOC partner for the smooth running of your website. Hash-NOC accurately checks the response time and hence 24*7 continuous monitoring will alert you before the issue become critical. We proactively monitor and check user interactions with your Website. When we detect an issue, it would be immediately communicate via mail or mobile notification. At this time, you would be able rectify the issue. We provide various testing scenarios and identify location based response time and keep the quality of web experience. We also support real time report and charts on your website performance.

24/7 Monitoring

HashRoot proactively monitor using HTTP & HTTPS polls for availability reporting and alerts periodically. If your website is facing an issue, we will immediately send a mail or mobile alert, thereby with a call. Through this we guarantee a 24*7 continuous monitoring, so by the time your customer face an issue, you would be notified and the issue can be resolved.

Synthetic Transactions

We verify and check the functioning of web servers and its load, security and authentication system by trafficking the synthetic transaction by bringing up a web page, logging in, downloading files or adding items to a cart.

Flexible Services

HashRoot customized gateway alert proactively support business needs and are dynamic, which are managed by our NOC Engineers. And we offer the NOC service through our trained expertise. And hence assuring that your site is in good hands.